Try, Fail, Learn

Forever and Always since '99

Pleasure to meet you, call me javi

After 3+ years of designing, I've discovered that a mix of strategic thinking and creative flair is key to purposeful design.

Beyond my passion for design, I love unwinding with friends and family, getting some fresh air on an afternoon stroll, and yes, even tuning into a cringe-worthy dating show. AMELIOOOO... we also stan a good night out.

If you're interested in exploring creative ideas or simply want to say hello, I'm all yours.

*Do you know why the designer broke up with their font?*

some quotes that inspire my day

positive vibes only

be good, do good.

Javier Iniguez, Dad

finger snaps for personal growth

make it obvious.
make it attractive.
make it easy.
make it satisfying.

James Clear, Atomic Habits

design advice of the century

don’t be stupid, just be nice.

Sagi Haviv, CGH

my design mantra

design is the bridge between what is and what should be.


it’s friday night

what we doin?!

My Best Friends, The Round Table





fonts in use

cera condensed



Regular & Medium


To all those who have played a role in shaping my design education and career, including Bradford Prairie, Sean Bacon, Candice López, Donovan Salazar, James Bowman, Eugene Brown, Leanna Jones, Donald Gould, Norman Ramos, Julie Warren, and the wonderful faculty and friends at San Diego City College — huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.